Amir van der Vliet: Owner/Fine Art Photographer


I started doing Photography when I received my first 35mm film  camera (Olympus  OM series)  from my father, it  was  his  father’s  camera! I was only 12 and it was history from then on. By now at 38 I have photographed many different subjects, scenes, and moments in different parts of the world, and learnt from some of the finest photographers. I’ve been published in 3 different newspapers and have a substantial body of work from doing so. A popular online Los Angeles magazine called my work very interesting and unique. I have won first place for my photography in a community gallery competition in San Clemente in California where there is a rich Art Culture. I also have over 400 professional followers on Instagram from Los Angeles, London, New York, and elsewhere where I display my fine art landscape photography.

My Photography tells your story


My style in portraiture is editorial with minimum direction given to my subjects. I use unique angles, depth of field settings, and composition. Storytelling in photography is a skill that does not come easy.

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